Annual Report: Journey through 2023

Blossom Hill, Inc.


The past year-plus has been a time of remarkable progress. We are excited to share these important milestones with you, celebrate our successes, and plan for the future.

As you know, in 2022, we revealed our strategic plan that focuses on three pillars: PeopleAccess, and Growth. We’re pleased that these pillars continued to develop in 2023 and beyond. Together, they help tell the story of how Blossom Hill is furthering its mission.


We have increased staffing levels and promoted talent retention through a variety of bold initiatives aimed at being the employer of choice. When the state increased reimbursement rates, we passed that increase onto our direct support personnel (DSP) and nurses, implementing raises of 15% for DSPs and 22% for nurses at no additional cost to donors. We have achieved 24/7 nursing staffing at three of four homes. A new mentor program places new hires with a mentor for their first six months of employment to augment the onboarding process, accelerate proficiency, and promote job satisfaction.


Our respite care program is extending Blossom Hill services to new families by providing temporary care for their loved ones when they need a break. Limited stays can range from a weekend to 90 days. More people are taking advantage of this caring service. We’ve seen increased bed days and much positive feedback from the community. Also, the opening of Abilities Enrichment Center in Middleburg Heights, our first day program, will bring in even more new faces. Plans are to host 100 individuals per day within one year of opening. You can read more about Abilities here.


Investing in people and expanding access fuels growth. As a result, we’ve been fortunate to see measurable increases in our fundraising efforts. Our last two golf outings set participation and donation records. We continue to look for ways to increase donations even more. We’ve even made it easy to donate here.

In addition to the opening of Abilities Enrichment Center, we also have opened our beautiful greenhouse and walking path behind the North Royalton home. The greenhouse will host therapeutic and educational experiences in nature for attendees of nearby Abilities Enrichment Center, as well as residents of the North Royalton home. The walking path serves as a place of exercise and reflection for residents and staff.

Looking ahead, along with expansion of respite care services, we are beginning to plan transportation services, which will add convenience while expanding access even further. We will have much more to tell you as the plan develops.

One last note. The legacy of longtime Blossom Hill board member Ralph Zuponcic, who passed away in 2022, lives on with the creation of the Ralph Zuponcic Award of Excellence. It honors a person of distinction, with a heart for service to Blossom Hill, who exemplifies Ralph’s generous spirit. The first award recipient was Fred Garbinski. Fred received the inaugural award at our annual golf outing.

Thank you for all you do to further the mission of Blossom Hill, where love is the quality of care. We’re looking forward to what’s ahead.

Lisa Kristosik, RN, BSN
Chief Executive Officer, Blossom Hill

George Swartz
2022 President, Blossom Hill, Inc

Lisa Kristosik

Lisa Kristosik, RN, MSN
Chief Executive Officer, Blossom Hill, Inc.

George Swartz
President, Blossom Hill Inc. Board 2022


George Swartz, President, Blossom Hill, Inc.
Chris Holeck, Vice President Blossom Hill, Inc. & Blossom Hill Foundation
Chuck Hirsch, Treasurer Blossom Hill, Inc. & Blossom Hill Foundation
Dennis Kapral, Secretary, Blossom Hill, Inc. & Blossom Hill Foundation
Marty Gardner, Interim President, Blossom Hill Foundation

Steve Zuponcic
Ethan McPeake
Tammy Haseley
Sal Indriolo
Emily Dubyoski
Madelyn Kelley
Jeffery Petit


Blossom Hill Plan for Sustainability

Our Mission: We enhance the daily lives of disabled adults and their families through loving, personalized care.

Strategy #1: Significant Investment in Our Staff

Our business is loving, personalized care.

  • Consistent and caring staff are the most important indicator of success in the DD/IDD industry.
  • Adequate staffing is the biggest issue we face today.
  • Investment in engagement, incentives, and employee recognition are all factors towards becoming a great place to work.

Strategy #2: Expanding access to services that we already offer

We provide essential services to those who need it the most.

  • There is a significant need among family members and the DD community for respite and supported living services.
  • We have been a leader in these services for many years.
  • Blossom Hill can also offer a natural bridge to ICF and group waiver in the future

Strategy #3: Exploring New Services

Innovation and growth are the keys to our success.

  • Blossom Hill has been around for nearly 55 years because of the organization’s willingness to grow and innovate.
  • Day programming services that we can offer to our individuals goes back directly to our mission: enhancing the daily lives of the people we serve.



In 2023, we continued to foster great relationships with our generous grantors, totaling nearly $100,000. This funding helps support specific projects like the Greenhouse & Activity Center and also included general operating expenses that are unrestricted funds. See below for a full list of our generous grant partners.


In 2023, we were grateful to celebrate in-person fundraising events, including a Charity of the Month happy hour at Sibling Revelry in Westlake and our Annual Golf Outing in June at Shale Creek Golf Club in Medina.

Read more about all events here.

Generous Donations

We are so grateful to our generous donors who continue to support us. At the end of 2022, our donors continued to give despite rising costs and inflation. In fact, we surpased our goals for our Annual Appeal campaign.

Fundraising Highlights

12th Annual Golf Outing

The Blossom Hill 12th Annual Golf Outing was a huge success! Supporters enjoyed golf, a silent auction, raffles, and a liquor and wine toss. Read more.
employee appreciation

Employee Appreciation Dinner

The Dinner recognizes milestone anniversaries for long-term staff and merit-based award winners. Read more.

greenhouse ribbon cutting

Greenhouse Ribbon Cutting

On a picture-perfect August afternoon, the Greenhouse and Activity Center of Blossom Hill Inc. was formally presented to the community with a ribbon-cutting ceremony by Mayor Larry Antoskiewicz. Read more.

1st Annual Blossom Hill Picnic for All Staff, Individuals, and Family Picnic

Held at the Brecksville Oak Grove Picnic Pavilion during the DSP week. See pictures.

Holiday Party

Holiday Party

There was a Winter Wonderland theme holiday celebration for staff, families, and individuals at the Overlook in Parma, OH. See pictures.

Hyland volunteers


Hyland software employee’s volunteered to paint our hallways and and other area’s at the Parma house as well as The St Ladislas Church Westlake, OH Day of Service. See pictures.

2023 Grantors

Melissa Johnson
Johnson-Kazar Charitable Foundation. Inc.

Applied Industrial Technologies

Cleveland Foundation

Peter Schindler 
Community West Foundation

Good Shepherd Foundation

Bridgett Schultz 
Higley Foundation

Patrick Talty
Michael Talty and Helen Talty Charitable Trust

Laurence Bartell
S K Wellman Foundation

Andrew Katusin Thatcher Foundation

2023 Events

12th Annual Golf Outing

Employee Appreciation Dinner

Greenhouse Ribbon Cutting

1st Annual Blossom Hill Picnic

Holiday Party



2023 Individual Donors
North Royalton Lions Club
Bakers Local 19 Union
Adrienne Gonzalez
Alexander Machaskee
Amy T. Ferree
Angela Del Valle
Ben Jewell
Ben Rababy
Bernard T. Garrah Jr.
Bernie Stadelman
Bill Heitman
Bob Lampus
Brian Goodlive
Carlos Delvalle
Carol Hall
Chelsie Parker
Chris Holecek
Chris Spena
Chris Williams
Chuck Hirsch and Michelle Fox
Dan Brezovec
Daniel Kaminski
Dave Saylor
David Brindza
David Czerniak II
David Furry
Northern Title Agency, Inc.
David Levy
David Meek
David Sabol
Deanna Vosmik
Deborah Bazelides
Dennis Kapral
Dennis Kuzak
Denny Delbane
Dom Mikalec
Donna Uyek
Doug Frey
Doug Kowalski
Ed Olah
Edward Zupancic
Ellen Ladik
Emilio Dibre
Emilo Jibre
Emily Dubyoski
Ethan McPeake
Fred Garbinski
Gary Garbinski
George Bohnert
George Relic
George Swartz
George Verner
Grace Piccolo
Greg Duke
Greg Paris
Harry Cool
IC Cenacolo Italiano Di Cleveland
Jackie Taylor
Janet Reik
Jay and Lori Inks
Jeff Apisdorf
Jeff Bohmer
Jeff Denker
Jeff Lennartz
Jerry Galaska
Jesse Mikluscak
Key Bank
Jessica Yates
John Dononhue
John O’Keefe
John Stark
John Zoller
Joseph Browning
Julie Delong
Karen Tolhurst
Karl Schmidt
Ken Morgan
Kent Davis
Kimberly Cole
Larry and Maryann Kennedy
Laurie Gatten
Leslie Hammer
Linda Dalton
Lisa Rose
Lynn Dammeyer
Lynn Moody
Madelyn Kelley
Maria Codinach
PharMerica Pharmacy Services
Marilyn Kysela
Mark Pernice
Mark Steigerwald
Marty Gardner
Mary Smith
Marybeth Heiman
Maryjane Kozlowski
Matthew Brigeman
Megan Janzig
Michael Abbamonte
Michael D’Amato
Michael Gordon
Michael Hirsch
Michael Parry
Micheal Swartz
Mike Ferkovic
Mike Shepherd
Nick Gramp
Paliga Family charitable Fund
Hudson Community Foundation
Param Siva
Parma Laundry
Patrick Althof
Patrick Cavanagh
Paul Cavanagh
Paul McNamara
Paul Scherrman
Community West Foundation
Phil Abel
Ralph Berge
Ralph Zuponcic
Ray Lang
Rich and Lisa Kristosik
Richard Organ
Richard Wanders
Rollie Denker
Ronald Long
Rose Zarko and Brian Roda
Russell Metzger
Ruth Clingan
Ruth Hribar and Mary Zambler
Ryan DelaVega
Ryan Neumeyer
McDonald Hopkins
Sal Indriolo
Sally Kramer
Sarah DiFrancesco
Scott Kody
Compu-net Systems
Seton Catholic School
Sharon Hall
Shawn Stine
Sherrie Craddock
Sima Warnock
Stephanie Dadas
Steve Golden
Steve McPeake
Steve Petro
Steve Zuponcic
Susan Mackenzie
Swaroop Conjeevaram
Tammy Haseley
Tim O’Connor
Tim Zuponcic
Todd Leombruno
Parker Hannifin Corp
Todd Stern
Tom Craft
Gateway Financial Advisors
Tom Haywood
Tom Kimberly
Tom Krouse
Tom Shillock
Tom Swartz
Toni Coleman
Vince Cangenelli
William Barnard
William Flower
William Hombeck
Zack Weiss


Individuals Served in Our Facilities

Residential Facilities

Staff Members

Number of individuals / families in our SL program

Number of Respite clients / families


In 2023 Blossom Hill received most of its revenue – 97% – through program services, including reimbursement from Medicaid for providing services, respite for indivdiuals and supported living services through waiver funding. Approximately 3% of the organization’s revenue was generated from unrestricted contributions.


Program Services


Unrestricted contributions


In 2023 Blossom Hill’s expenses were direct client care costs, including staffing, facility and individual personal care. These program services costs accounted for 84% of its expenses. The other 16% including administrative costs such as consultant fees, fundraising, office supplies and other administrative expenses.


Program Services




At Blossom Hill, we serve a medically fragile population and have 24-hour nursing at 3 of 4 homes. The loving care that our staff provides, including when individuals are in hospice care and we know the end is near, is amazing and inspiring. When one individual was in his final days recently,

the staff wanted to make him comfortable by doing all his favorite things and avoiding the things he disliked. He passed away peacefully surrounded by all of those who cared about him.

Finding Fulfilment with Girl Scouts

Growing up, Patience was never able to experience things like hiking and camping until Blossom Hill and the girl scouts adapted programs and activities to specifically include her. As she experienced Girl Scouts with her local troop, she found meaning in the activiites and the community. Patience decided to become a “Lifetime Member” of the Girl Scouts and one of the benefits to becoming a lifetime member is that your membership funds a membership for a less privileged girl. The gesture made Patience emotional and she shared with staff that girl scouts has been one of the most fulfilling things in her life.

woman in wheelchair at a spashpark

Families Gather for Holidays

We had a wonderful time celebrating the holidays at each house with our family and friends last week. Due to COVID, we have not been able to host our traditional holiday parties in-person since before COVID. Read more and view pictures here.


To recognize National Developmental Disabilities Month, we are spotlighting individuals, staff, and others in our community! We had fun getting to know Cedric, a individual at Blossom Hill’s Parma House with “Random Questions.” Get to know Cedric.


One of the services that we provide is nursing care from caring, experienced LPNs. We asked Christine, the nursing supervisor at Center Ridge House in Westlake, what it’s like being a nurse in this setting. Read more here.


We had fun getting to know Ericka, a Direct Support Professional at Blossom Hill’s Parma House with “Random Questions” as part of Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. Get to know Ericka.

Lisa & Ashley

Lisa takes care of her daughter Ashley as part of our Supported Living Services program and was spotlighted in our staff newsletter. “Lisa is an employee and an advocate as a parent for her daughter. Lisa has displayed not only interest in the mission and goals of Blossom Hill but makes herself always available as part of our family here for any service and insight she can provide. She is so appreciated by all.”

Halloween Fun

Halloween is always a lot of fun in the houses. View pictures of costumes, crafts, games, and spooky decorations.


Throughout the year, we celebrated our Blossom Hill’s AMAZING team through events, awards, gifts, stories and more.

DSP Week 2022

We celebrate DSP Recognition Week every year in September. This past year, we had a lot of fun celebrating and appreciating our direct support professionals (DSPs) with videos, gifts, and more. View highlights from DSP Week 2022.



Nurses Week 2022

Blossom Hill celebrated the incredible nursing staff who care for the 36 individuals at their Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) group home with a special luncheon at Bucci’s J Bella’s in Strongsville. Read more about Nurses Week.

Milestone Anniversaries & Recognition Awards

We were glad to be back celebrating our staff milestone anniversaries and recognition awards in-person at J Bella’s in Strongsville. Blossom Hill leadership and board members celebrated staff milestone anniversaries that spanned from 5 to 25 years. Read more about the awards celebration.

Staff Picnics

This summer, Blossom Hill leadership celebrated the dedicated and hard-working staff members who care for our individuals 24/7. Read more and view pictures here.

a group of women smiling and standing in front of a banner at the OHCA conference

Blossom Hill Staff Recognized at OHCA Conference

We were proud to recognize Tabitha Wachenschwanz, Activities Coordinator, and Christine Oehlstrom, LPN, Nurse Supervisor, at the Ohio Health Care Association’s (OHCA) IDD Excellence Awards Ceremony in Columbus in November, 2022. More about the Awards Ceremony.

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Each year, Blossom Hill recognizes Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. This month provides an opportunity for us to bring awareness to advocacy efforts, provide more information about developmental disabilities, and we usually end the month by spotlighting artwork from our indivdiuals and staff. See more highlights from 2022.


2024 Golf Outing

Our 13th Annual Blossom Hill Golf Outing will take place on Monday, June 24, 2024. Learn more and register here.

Education Night

Blossom Hill will host an education night for parents and guardians on Thursday, April 20 at 5 p.m. Check back on our website for more information.

Staff Recognition Event 2023

Blossom Hill hosted its Annual Staff Recognition event on January 25, 2023 at J Bella’s in Strongsville. You can find more information and pictures from the event here.

Summer Picnic

Blossom Hill will host a summer picnic for staff and individuals to celebrate Summer and enjoy the warmer summer weather. Check back on our website for more information.

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