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Abilities Enrichment Center by Blossom Hill.

Abilities is a day program designed and built by Blossom Hill, which has more than a half-century of loving care in Northeast Ohio. Blossom Hill operates four intermediate care facilities (ICFs) for 36 full-time individuals, as well as offering respite care and in-home care services. Each year, Blossom Hill services touch the lives of hundreds of individuals and their families.

Abilities is Blossom Hill’s first day program. Abilities opens up the Blossom Hill mission of love, care, and acceptance to a wider population, with a goal of serving 100 individuals every day within a year of opening.

We designed Abilities to offer nurturing opportunities to individuals across all levels of care, from those with the least to the greatest level of independence. We believe every individual can benefit from a variety of activities, and should be able to take part in them. Opportunities for experiences, peer and community interaction, enrichment … and fun. Each individual’s Abilities experience will be specifically tailored to them, to help them achieve their personal goals for fulfillment. While there is a purpose at the core of every Abilities experience, we also believe that there is nothing wrong … and everything right … with fun for fun’s sake.

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A day program about life, not work.

There are many day programs where individuals can choose to work and receive pay. We are not a vocational rehabilitation based program. Abilities takes a different approach. Our goal is to offer opportunities for experiences that will enhance overall quality of life, whether providing an outlet for peer socialization, moments of interaction with the wider community, a oneness with nature in our greenhouse, or the pure joy of attending a baseball game. Each activity comes with a degree of choice, as individuals and/or their guardians have a meaningful say in how their Abilities experience and curriculum take shape. We offer; individuals choose. 

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Every individual has potential, as defined by their own abilities. What we do is meet each individual where they are, accept them and love them for who they are, and tailor services and experiences to maximize the richness, joy, and fulfillment of their lives.

-Blossom Hill President

Blossom Hill Abilities Facility

Some of the experience opportunities Abilities Enrichment Center offers:

Greenhouse/ Gardening

Sensory Room at Blossom Hill's Abilities Center

Sensory Room

Blossom Hill Abilities Enrichment Center Community Excursions

Community Excursions

Music Therapy available at Blossom Hill's Abilities Center

Music Therapy

Arts and Crafts Center located at Blossom Hill's Abilities Center

Arts & Crafts Center

Blossom Hill trail

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