To recognize National Developmental Disabilities Month, we are spotlighting individuals, staff, and others in our community!

We had fun getting to know Cedric, a individual at Blossom Hill’s Parma House with “Random Questions.”

Favorite color? Brown/orange

Farthest place you’ve travelled? Atlanta

Hobbies? Painting, Facetiming with my sister, singing church songs

Favorite season? Spring

Favorite food? Corned beef

What’s the most unusual thing in your fridge? Organge juice

Where would you go on an outing? The mall

Do you have any pets? No but I would want a cat.

Where would you take a vacation? Disney World

What kind of music do you like? Whitney

Do you play an instrument? If not, what instrument would you like to play? The violin

Favorite sports team? Cavs, Browns, Ohio State

Soda or Pop? Pop

Favorite kind of ice cream? Neapolitan

Favorite song to do karaoke to: Girl on Fire, anything by Michael Jackson and Prince