To recognize National Developmental Disabilities Month, we are spotlighting individuals, staff, and others in our community!

We had fun getting to know Ericka, a Direct Support Professional at Blossom Hill’s Parma House with “Random Questions.”

Favorite color? Tan/Beige

Farthest place you’ve travelled? Massillon

Hobbies? I like to cook and do crafts but not just any craft – I like taking an old box, office supplies, or Kleenex box and turning them into cool crafts like a bunny pasture, etc. I guess you can call them recycled crafts.

I also like to roller blade and skate.

Favorite season? Fall

Favorite food? Meatless tacos and cherry cheesecake

What’s the most unusual thing in your fridge? Prune juice

What would you do on a random day off? I would clean up and then relax. If we could go somewhere, I’d love to go to the Columbus Zoo.

Do you have any pets? Yes. I have two orange tabby cats and four aquatic turtles named Shelly, Bella, Olive Twist, and Twiggle.

Where would you take a vacation? SeaWorld in Florida and swim with dolphins but I would drive because I don’t like planes.

What kind of music do you like? R&B

Do you play an instrument? If not, what instrument would you like to play? I would like to learn how to play the piano.

Favorite sports team? Bengals

Favorite sport? Swimming and ice skating

Soda or Pop? I call it both.

Favorite kind of ice cream? Rocky Road and chocolate

Ericka at Parma House