Typically held in Jan or Feb and recognizes milestone anniversaries for long-term staff and merit-based award winners for four different categories:  

  • Five years 
  • Ten years 
  • 15 years 
  • 20 years 
  • 25 years 
  • 30 years 
  • Recognition Awards 
  • (1) Rookie of the Year: We would like to recognize new staff who have stepped up and done a fantastic job in their first year. Staff members who can be nominated must have been at Blossom Hill for less than a year as of December 31, 2023. 2023-Winner Neala Carter Petra-House Manager -Abbey Houses
  • (1) Star Performer: The Star Performer Award is for staff members who have stepped up significantly throughout the year. In 2022, the Star Performer can be someone who stepped up during our staffing crisis, demonstrates our Core Values – Compassion, Teamwork, Trust & Respect, Inspire, and Integrity – daily, or provides outstanding service differently. 2023-Brian Myers-Director Operations
  • (1) Krista Plowman Award: The Krista Plowman Award was established in 2018 to honor a beloved and inspiring employee, Krista Plowman, who sadly passed away in 2018 in her fight against cancer. Krista was a dedicated, passionate employee. This award honors her memory by recognizing a current staff member who, during their time at Blossom Hill, did everything possible to provide a loving home for our individuals. 2023 Winner-Molly Rawlings – DSP
  • (?) Leadership Award: This is someone who demonstrates our Core Values – compassion, teamwork, trust & respect, inspiration, and integrity – daily, is a strong teacher/mentor, and someone who leads by example. 2023 Winner-Mindy Thomas-DSP

Staff who should be recognized at the 2024 event – February 1, 2024 
JBella’s Strongsville, OH – 6pm – 8pm 

  • Glinska, Beatrice 30 years 
  • Custer, Diane 20 years 
  • Scafuro, Linda 10 years 
  • Rivera, Luis 10 years 
  • Wachenschwanz, Tabitha 5 years 
  • Ruzic, Miro 5 years 
  • Cipra, Dana 5 years 
  • Davenport, Kimberly 5 years