May 1, 2021 – Blossom Hill, Inc. received further supplemental COVID-19 relief funding from the Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) to help families and individuals who are part of Blossom Hill’s Supported Living Program, also known as Homemaker Personal Care (HPC), where family members are trained by Blossom Hill to take care of their loved ones with disabilities in their own homes.

In the Greater Cleveland area, there are hundreds of individuals with mental and physical disabilities who need very specialized support with their daily activities. Blossom Hill meets these needs by providing licensed Homemaker Personal Care (HPC) services that include transportation and delegated nursing services.

Homemaker Personal Care staff are trained by Blossom Hill and licensed by the DODD to make sure the individuals receive proper round-the-clock care. Most HPC staff are family members who take care of their loved ones in their shared home. Blossom Hill also employs Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) who work with those with disabilities directly from the individual’s home.