April 16, 2021 – A staff member of 23 years, Gayle Falinski announced her plans for retirement from Blossom Hill in December 2020. In her most recent role, Gayle was the Controller responsible for managing investments and financial transactions. In addition to her role with finance, she has been involved with fundraising events and planning, including the proposed therapeutic walking path behind the Abbey Rd. properties in North Royalton.

“It is difficult to say farewell to an employee who has dedicated over 20 years to Blossom Hill,” said Lisa Kristosik, CEO at Blossom Hill. “Gayle Falinski will be truly missed and remembered for her dedication to the organization, staff and individuals.”

“Gayle Falinksi’s service to Blossom Hill has been extraordinary,” said Steve Zuponcic, a Blossom Hill Board Member since 2004 and former President of the Blossom Hill Board. “Her dedication to our organization, and especially to the residents we serve, has been constant and unwavering. Her work at Blossom Hill went beyond that of chief accountant or finance manager; Gayle transformed her role into a vocation, contributing not only her professional skills, but her heart and her love. And Gayle was a guidepost. I remember when building the homes in North Royalton that I became anxious about overleveraging ourselves, concerned about whether we really had the finances to pull it off. Gayle encouraged me to go forward, to take the next steps. Over the years there have been challenges and problems to overcome. In any situation I always appreciated her drive and her desire to do the right thing for Blossom Hill.”

Lynne Urbanski, Executive Director at Blossom Hill, said this about working with Gayle, “I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Gayle over the past 15 years. I have learned so much from her, she is an excellent mentor. Gayle has been a strong advocate for our individuals’ rights. Gayle has been a good friend to my whole family especially to my son Andrew. I am personally going to miss the way things used to be and will remain hopeful that I can continue to have Gayle’s friendship as she starts this new journey in her life.”

In 2018, Gayle was the recipient of the inaugural Krista Plowman Award that recognizes employees who have gone above and beyond their job description.

As a tribute to Gayle’s years of dedication to Blossom Hill, we will designate a bench on the therapeutic walking path in Gayle’s honor. You may also make a tribute in honor of Gayle’s years of service to Blossom Hill. Click here to make a gift to Blossom Hill and write a message to Gayle.