March 31, 2021 – Meet our three finalists of the inaugural Blossom Hill Art Contest: Ernie, Denise, & the individuals and staff at Blossom/Haven House! Be sure to check out all of the amazing and unique pieces in our virtual art walk.

Denise loves butterflies and her room is entirely butterfly themed. With Dalenna, her DSP, they created this butterfly collage out of tissue paper and toy butterflies.

The individuals and staff at Blossom & Haven Houses (on Abbey Road) decided to do a collage of canvas paintings as their submission. Each individual did a handprint onto the canvas and then they put all the canvases together around the message “Proud to Be Me!” that was created by Elisha, a DSP. Each person’s canvas is unique to the colors and designs that they like.

Every Halloween or special occasion, Ernie chooses to dress up as a security officer or policeman. He also enjoys “Coffee with Cops” hosted by the Second District Police Officers before COVID. With a lot of help from Google and Kristen, his DSP, they made him police car to go around his wheelchair.