How to Use this Form:

Purpose: this form is for requests to fix broken equipment, furniture or household items that may require the use of tools. You can also use this form for problems with the busses/lifts. (Example: “The blender at Haven House isn’t working.”)

Description: Your description should be very detailed with what is broken and how you discovered it was broken. (Example: “I was using the blender and it shorted out. I tried letting it sit for a few hours and came back to use it and it still wasn’t turning on.)

Location: Describe where the broken equiptment is located (Example: “In Haven House kitchen in the cuboard above the sink.”)

This form will be sent to the Executive Director, Facilities Manager, and House Manager and will be followed up on as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that requests will be handled in order of severity level, not necessarily the order in which they are received.

Work Order Form (Parma)

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