Since 1968, Blossom Hill, Inc. has relied on the generous support from its supporters. From volunteering their time, to donating turkeys, below are just some of the ways in which these generous individuals and organizations have made the lives of staff and individuals at Blossom Hill better:

Giving our Westlake location a “makeover” by painting many of the rooms in the house
-Delivering chocolate-dipped peanuts to all staff members
-Buying, arranging, and donating flowers for funerals.
-Sending the individuals on holiday outings, including dinner and Christmas lights
-Donating turkeys for Thanksgiving dinners.
-Contributing to make sure all individuals are able to participate in activities and events.
-Supporting Blossom Hill’s essential programs and services through general operating funds.

Each of these individuals, families and organizations have helped carry out Blossom Hill’s mission, which is to help individuals with disabilities live full, independent lives. These generous supporters and their commitment to volunteerism offer hope for a better year ahead.

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