Jun 13, 2022 – Two years ago, Patience became an honorary girl scout member of Troop #70553 thanks to Victoria, the troop leader and former Blossom Hill employee.

Patience was never able to experience things like hiking and camping until Blossom Hill and the girl scouts adapted programs and activities to specifically include her.

During the COVID pandemic, she was able to maintain social connections through monthly Zoom meetings with the troop and complete troop activities like crafts and gardening from home.

Now that restrictions have lightened, Patience is thrilled to see her girl scout sisters again in person. They meet monthly at the library and get together for day trips to zoo, museums, and camping.

At her most recent camping trip, she had her staff push her through the Water Splash Pad, which was something that she had never experienced before, and the smile she wore for the rest of the day spoke for itself.

This past month, Patience decided to become a “Lifetime Member” of the Girl Scouts and one of the benefits to becoming a lifetime member is that your membership funds a membership for a less privileged girl. The gesture made Patience emotional and she shared with staff that girl scouts has been one of the most fulfilling things in her life and she is so grateful to have Blossom Hill and Victoria.