Give a Bravo!

Nominate a staff member for a “Bravo”! These are staff who have gone above and beyond and exemplify one of our Core Values: Compassion, Teamwork, Trust & Respect, Inspire, or Integrity.

Each month, we will raffle a basket of goods (value of approximately $50). Anyone who receives a “Bravo” will be entered into the monthly drawing. When you submit your nomination, please include: 

  1. The person’s name and house (if applicable)
  2. Brief description of why this person deserves to be nominated
  3. Which core value this person exemplified: Compassion, Teamwork, Trust/Respect, Inspire, or Integrity (or a combination of any of them!)
  4. Your name

Thank you for taking a minute to recognize a team member and to help us roll out our Core Values in our efforts to become an “Employer of Choice.” 

You can submit more than one nomination and you can also find paper forms at each of the houses. 



Core Value(s) demonstrated

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