Congratulations to the Four Finalists of the Blossom Hill Art Contest!

View all submissions and read the artist statements below.

Center Ridge House

Scroll through to see the masterpieces that individuals and staff created at our Center Ridge House. 

Amber & Evelyn

Amber laughed and enjoyed making a master painting. 

Austin & Michelle

(Winner) Austin enjoys listening to music and he wanted to be creative with it. So, he made a Fish using one of his CDs.

Carlito, Michelle, Pratelle, Magda, and Nautica

Carlito enjoys sitting outside under the tree, so he enjoyed making a tree portrait using his fingers.

C. & LaShawn

C. likes to watch baseball so he made a wreath out of baseballs and ribbons.

Ericka & Molly

Ericka is passionate about animales so she made a portrait of a cat with marbles. 

Lenice & Tabitha

(Honorable Mention) Lenice enjoys arts and crafts, she likes details and beads, so she used a wooden cutout, beads, flowers, and ribbon to make a homemade dream catcher.

Majed & LeTeara

Majed is always giving the peace sign so he painted a wooden cutout of a peace sign with his initials.

Meredith & Tabitha

Meredith loves her Lamb Chop stuffed animal so she decided to make lamb chop socks.

Mike, Tabitha & Michelle

Mike enjoys watching Wizard of Oz so he made a tin man out of recycled cans.

Blossom & Haven Houses

Scroll right to view all of the artwork created by the staff and individuals at Blossom & Haven Houses.

Angelique, Leslie & Laurisa

Laurisa knows nothing puts a bigger smile on Angie’s face than listening to her favorite music artist and Leslie loves playing with LEGOs. Together, they stacked up LEGOs displaying their names and danced during the whole process.

Barry & Laura

Barry enjoys having his regular cup of coffee with Laura by his side. You can often find them out for coffee together so Laura knows exactly what his favorite order is and that is just what they created here together.

Eileen & Anthonella

Nella helped Eileen with a fun splatter technique in creating this abstract bottle of ketchup and jigsaw puzzles (two of Eileen’s favorites). 

Joyce & Giselle

(Winner) One of Joyce’s favorite things to do is to shred paper but doesn’t get to do as often as she likes (messy!), Giselle decided that was no fun and helped Joyce turn her shredded paper into a piece of art.

Karen & Eva

Karen hand-over-hand assisted Eva in coloring, painting and decorating a cutout K initial with all of her favorite things like Coca Cola, music, and money.

Karen & Mindy

Karen loves wine and used the Mardi Gras celebration as inspiration in painting this fun party Olaf (Disney’s Frozen) with hand over hand help from Mindy.

Mark & Summer

(Honorable Mention) Mark usually draws mountains so Summer helped him turn them into a whole globe while also using colors to support Ukraine.

Mary Jo & Desiree

Mary Jo and Desiree were browsing magazines together when some inspiring words caught their attention, they created a vision board for 2022 with both goals and positive reminders.

Pam & Mindy

Mindy is a huge Disney fan and Pam loves to watch the movies with her. Together they created a Mardi Gras Olaf with the movie playing in the background.

Patience & Chris

Patience has grown to love Harry Potter and helped Chris paint the symbol of the four houses using a technique where Patience shakes a box of bouncy balls to create a marbled paint pattern.

Taylor, Angelique, and Day Shift Staff

Angelique and Taylor helped create these shamrock mosaics out of paper scraps with hand over hand help from day shift staff.

Parma House

Scroll right to view art creations from individuals and DSPs at Parma House!

Cedric & Ericka

Motley Pasture/Easter Egg Valley

Cedric’s art project is called “Motley Pasture,” which is an imaginary place full of peace, happiness and bunnies. My name is Ericka and I am the the staff that helped him design and create this work of art.

From afar, Motley Pasture displays lots of bunnies, trees and flowers, but once you look inside the box, then there is a small cottage next to a small garden that grows carrots to feed the bunnies. There are bunnies all over and beautiful flowers everywhere. In the front of Motley Pasture there is a sfish to symbolize peace and happiness. Since Cedric wanted the perfect art project, we also added on a street that leads to Easter Egg Valley, which is an extension of Motley Pasture. It is full of Easter Eggs and bunnies. Things that associate bunnies with Easter, such as eggs, chocolate and festive Easter egg grass. This art project was super fun to create and he told me what he wanted and I turned it into just that! So we hope you enjoy the project as much as we do.

Debbie & Sam

Sam helped Debbie create this wall decoration because Debbie wanted to make this craft.

Denise & Makayla

Denise and Makayla painted a butterfly on canvas because Denise loves butterflies.

Ernie & Shannon

Shannon helped create this wall decoration with Ernie with colors from his favorite team, Ohio State.

Lindley & Kristen

Lindley likes to watch the birds in the backyard at Parma House. He painted this blue bird house because that’s his favorite color. Unfortunately, the squirrels got to it and it broke before we could submit it for judging!

Michael & Tranish

Michael loves comic books and superheroes. Tranish outlined and cut out the figure of Optimus Prime out of cardboard and Michael colored it in.

Terry & Kiki

(Winner) Kiki created this miniature house that includes all of Terry’s favorite things – a big lounge chair and TV and a table set for visits with his family.