Your support helps us maintain the highest standards of care

How You Can Help


Your support will help us to provide for residents the kinds of personal items and amenities that transform a house into a home, and to buy items to improve our residents’ quality of life. Among the many things we always need are wheelchair scales, portable and collapsible changing tables, refrigerators, and more. Other needs, such as wheelchair-accessible vans, are less common but no less important.

Attend an Event

When you register and attend our events, not only do you help raise awareness in our community, but you also help raise funds for the work we do.


We are always looking for help with our events. If you see an event you would like to volunteer for, please get in touch by emailing

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Friends of Blossom Hill

Through the ongoing generosity of our Friends of Blossom Hill, we continue to grow as an organization, maintaining the highest standards and levels of care.

Over the years, families with loved ones under our care, benefactors, partner organizations, members of our community, and our board of directors, management and staff have all pitched in to provide extraordinary support for the work we do. At a time of shrinking public funding, continuing to grow our Friends of Blossom Hill is more important than ever.